Social TV app tvtag provides a feed of TV moments for you to leave comments or even doodle

Social TV app tvtag provides a feed of TV moments for you to leave comments or even doodle

Following an announcement last week, social TV app GetGlue has officially rebranded today to tvtag as part of an acquisition by i.TV completed in November 2013.

GetGlue, and now tvtag, adopts a concept similar to Foursquare but is used instead by fans of TV shows and movies for checking into what they’re watching right now.

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The tvtag app is currently only available for the iPhone, with the Android and Web apps coming “soon.” tvtag gives users a feed of TV moments which they can tag with comments, doodles and memes, then share them on Twitter and Facebook. They can also check in to a show, unlock digital stickers, or vote in polls.


Other than the social aspect, tvtag also acts as a hub for information about TV shows, where users can get cast information, show trivia and real-time trending searches from other users. This means it is extremely useful for sports fans as well, as it provides play-by-play moments, live stats, play descriptions and field positions that are updated in real-time.

i.TV CEO Brad Pelo notes that tvtag is essentially a one-stop app for anything to do with TV. “With tvtag, you can say what you think about that epic slam dunk, create a doodle or meme from Miley Cyrus’ latest televised performance, or find out what that-one-actor’s name is on The Walking Dead, all in the context of an actual scene at your fingertips. All without switching apps,” he says.

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