Adobe has overhauled its Photoshop Express app for Android devices, a free app that lets you edit photos via Adobe’s technologies and share them to social sites including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Adobe Revel.

The latest Version 2.0 is entirely new, re-built from the ground up on Android and also KitKat-compatible. Adobe says that Android users will be able to access and process images saved on the SD card faster than before.

The app is also now equipped with a faster imaging engine that has landed on Android for the first time, which Adobe says brings better performance and capability to handle large file sizes. New one-touch filters and enhancements — including cropping, red-eye reduction and auto-correct — have also made their appearance on the app, and are easily discoverable, while those who want more out of the editing app can access the Corrections menu with slider controls to fine-tune exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint and more.


➤ Photoshop Express on Google Play

Thumbnail image via Ian Usher/Flickr