It’s been almost a year since Myspace launched its reimagined social network to the public. The company is struggling to recapture Myspace’s former popularity, but that hasn’t stopped it from slowly refining and iterating upon its iOS app. (An Android app is still nowhere to be found, it should be noted.)

Version 3.6 adds support for event live streaming and an improved, visual stream with larger images and the ability for users to like, connect with and reshare anything posted by other users. It’s a gorgeous, if uninspired design that’s fast and responsive when scrolling and interacting with content.


Myspace has also improved the profile editor this time around with an intuitive tap-to-edit interface, and integrated Facebook and Twitter for finding new friends on the service. In our testing, the ‘Find Friends’ option caused the iOS app to crash though – an unfortunate bug that Myspace needs to fix right away.

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