Photo 19-12-2013 10 31 03YouTube co-founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley unveiled their latest video project back in August, an app that lets folk collaborate and create their own sixteen-second video clips and share them with others.

Version 2.0 has just gone live for iOS, delivering a new ‘Collaborative Responses’ feature that lets you respond to any video with one of your own.

Additionally, you now have a longer clip-length at your disposal – it’s up to 60 seconds from the previous limit of 16 seconds, though the total length restriction of one hour remains.

Other updates include being able to remix other users’ clips into your own projects from within the app, search and view videos based on social network profiles and the ability to export teaser GIF-based trailers to your camera roll.

The update is now live on the App Store, and no word yet on when this will go live for the Android version.

MixBit | App Store