Heyday for iOS automatically journals your photos and locations so you don’t have to

Heyday for iOS automatically journals your photos and locations so you don’t have to

Journaling apps like Day One are great for recording your memories, but the truth is that many of us give up manually inputting entries after just a few days. Heyday wants to take care of that for you by automatically creating your journal for you.


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Heyday’s setup is reminiscent of Rove, which also automatically logs location data, but it takes things a step further. Once you grant access, the app groups your photos, videos and locations together by day. Images are displayed in grid layouts, and you can even have the app automatically apply filters.

The end result feels a lot like Path without the social sharing aspect. You can connect to Facebook to note in your journal which friends you spent time with, but the app doesn’t actually notify them when you do.

If you want to keep a backup of your journal, you can activate a cloud syncing function. However, you should think carefully before turning it on since you’ll be automatically uploading your location data and photos.

Heyday doesn’t have a ton of extra features for the hardcore journaling crowd. Still, it’s a great option for those of us who want to keep a record of our lives, but are too lazy, forgetful, and/or busy to input the data ourselves.

The Heyday team is composed of veterans of Zynga and Serious Business. The app has been two years in the making, according to one of the founders’ comments on Hacker News.

Heyday for iOS

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