The US online real estate and home-finder database Zillow has launched its Zillow Real Estate app for Windows 8 devices.

As well as offering users the ability to search, share and save information about properties for sale and homes for rent, Zillow’s Windows 8 outing has been designed around the features of the OS, rather than simply replicating its other mobile apps.

For example, Windows Live Tiles will notify a user in real time of changes in availability or price for a favorited home directly from the Start screen.

Navigating home details is achieved by swiping through a customized listing page, price history, full-screen color photos and other property information – with the aim being to almost replicate the experience of flicking through a magazine. It also includes Zillow’s Zestimate home valuation tools too.

➤ Zillow | Windows 8

Featured Image Credit – David McNew/Getty Images