Band of the Day is the perennially popular iPhone app that was pipped to pole position in Apple’s 2011 app of the year awards. But there’s no great shame in coming second to Instagram, right?

Now, Band of the Day has hit Google Play too, and is available globally for Android 4.0 devices and above.


Developed by 955 Dreams, Band of the Day for Android is a beautifully designed app which surfaces one new artist each day, hand-picked by the good folks working behind the scenes. The calendar-style grid lets you jump back in time through the archives, and you can listen to a full-length, ad-free song for each artists, while perusing biographies, videos, and more.

The music is streamed directly from 955 Dreams’ servers, and the company works with labels and artists to secure the rights to stream featured artists.

Band of the Day | Google Play