Evernote has added support for Windows Phone 8 today and Windows Phone users are getting improved features from the online note-taking service — including a new multi-shot camera, image slideshows, speech-to-text capabilities and auto note-titling.

You can now take multiple snapshots per note without exiting the camera mode, a nifty feature for those who want to pack their notes with several photos. To complement this update, Evernote has also included slideshows — tap on a photo while looking at a note, and the image will pop out and let you swipe to view the other images.

wp photo Evernote for Windows Phone gets new camera, speech to text feature and auto note titles

Evernote has also introduced a speech-to-text feature in its Windows Phone update. All you have to do is open a note and and tap the speech bubble icon, start talking, and Evernote will process what you said and transcribe it. Auto note-titling has also been included in the update, so you don’t end up with a bunch of untitled notes. Evernote will make use of details such as your location or the content of your note to provide a useful title.

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Headline image via Thinkstock, screenshot via Evernote