Web analytics platform GoSquared retools to focus on visitor growth and engagement

Web analytics platform GoSquared retools to focus on visitor growth and engagement

GoSquared is not new to the world of measuring Web traffic and other website metrics. In fact, it has been around for seven years already, but that hasn’t stopped the company taking a good long look at where it’s headed and then reworking its platform to give website owners a better idea of what content works and what plainly doesn’t.

“Single page web apps, mobile usage, and new browsing habits mean that pageviews and simple bounce rates are a cumbersome metric for judging the success of your content online,” a GoSquared spokesman said.

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As such, the new-look platform has been designed to give a better set of metrics for judging engagement and for measuring week-on-week growth.

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What does this really mean? Well, that the platform will take into account things like scroll depth, cursor movements, screen swipes in addition to clicks to show an “actively engaged time per visitor” metric. GoSquared also said it had sped up the overall performance of the service too, allowing it to provide real-time concurrency and historical data analyses within five minutes.

While raw data can be useful, providing context for actions taken is an altogether more powerful and useful tool, that should enable site and content owners to get a better idea of what really sticks with their audience. The service starts from $9 and “scales with site traffic”, the company said.

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