Naps on a plane: Airsleep for iPhone drowns out the noise with ambient sounds to help flyers sleep

Naps on a plane: Airsleep for iPhone drowns out the noise with ambient sounds to help flyers sleep

If you ever find yourself struggling to catch twenty winks on a transatlantic flight, Airsleep for iPhone might just come to the rescue.

Airsleep serves up a number of ambient sounds to help cancel out cabin noise, and promises to guide you into the land of candy floss clouds for some slumber.

How it works

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First up, click on ‘Depart Now’, and you’ll see a library of sounds – Rainy Day, Beach Sleep and Desert Wind. These are the free sounds, and you’ll have to cough up $0.99 to unlock additional efforts, such as Monk Chants. Part of me wishes it said ‘Monkey Chants’, but I digress…

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Now, these are downloads, so you’ll have to set this up before take-off. It takes just a few seconds though, and then you’re good to go. Plug your earphones in, and hit the Start button.

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The default program length is four hours, but this can be adjusted by shifting the little slider accordingly. Also, you can select to be awoken by a Chime, Gong, Harp, Xylophone or Bell.

Airsleep isn’t the most elegantly designed app in the App Store, but if you’re looking to try out some of the free sounds available to see if it can help you grab some much needed zeds before you hit the tarmac, well, it’s worth your time.

Airsleep | App Store

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