‘Tame’ your Twitter searches with Tame’s contextual real-time results

‘Tame’ your Twitter searches with Tame’s contextual real-time results

Tame wants to put you back in control of your Twitter stream and quickly show you trending topics, popular tweets and your most influential followers/people you follow. It describes itself as a “context search engine for Twitter”.

The service, launched today, is primarily aimed at journalists, researchers, PRs, marketers and politicians and breaks things simply down in to three columns, ordered by the most active with the most engaged Links, Topics, and People at the top of the list.

There’s a slider next to that which can be used to change the time period you’re looking at and a search feature, too. While the free version of the service limits the lists to the top 10,  a paid subscription will allow you to dive deeper into the lists. Clicking on any of the items expands them to show exactly who has been engaging with what.

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Featured Image Credit – YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP/Getty Images 


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