LinkedIn has released a version of its app that will play happily with the full touchscreen members of Nokia’s Asha family.

Released on Tuesday, the app brings familiar LinkedIn features such as your stream of updates, the ability to like, comment and share, the option to respond to connection requests and send messages, as well as the core features like search.

“We really wanted to design something for ambitious people on the go. What we always try to do with mobile applications is design something that’s consistent with the user experience on the website itself, but something that’s really useful for people in transit as well.” LinkedIn’s Giovanni Iachello, head of international product management, said in a post on the official Nokia blog.

However, the app will only work on the full touchscreen members of the Asha range, including: the Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311, and 501.

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