Twitter’s mobile app now censors sensitive media by default

Twitter’s mobile app now censors sensitive media by default

Twitter quietly updated its mobile app for iOS and Android earlier this month to now hide “sensitive material” behind a warning label.

This update, as detailed by AllThingsD, is Twitter’s way of protecting users from “sensitive content such as nudity, violence, or medical procedures,” according to the social network’s Help Center.

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Pictured in the screenshot below, the new warning label should help keep both parents and advertisers at bay — neither likely want to see pornography on the social network, although it’s had its fair share of issues in the past.

Image via AllThingsD
Image via AllThingsD

It’s noteworthy that Twitter gives users the opportunity to adjust their settings to “view media that may contain sensitive content without a warning,” in case you’re not happy with the default.

Image credit: Michael Blann / Thinkstock

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