RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal have announced a partnership that will enable their collective userbase of 60 million people to integrate and track their health and fitness data across both services.

MyFitnessPal has carved a rather large niche for itself in the online health space, delivering a fairly comprehensive cross-platform tool for managing and monitoring eating habits, with Web and mobile apps. Back in October last year, MyFitnessPal launched its very first API to feed into a myriad of third-party apps, which at the time included Fitbit, Runtastic, Endomondo and Withings.

Now, RunKeeper is getting involved too, meaning that those who use both RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal can easily connect the two services and log their fitness activity on RunKeeper and see their calorie data on MyFitnessPal, which will now be automatically updated based on the exercise of a user.

Similarly, users can now see their number of calories logged within MyFitnessPal directly in their RunKeeper activity feed.


MyFitnessPal claims more than 40 million users around the world, and given its previous integrations with similar apps such as Runtastic, this latest collaboration was only a matter of time. People like unity – seeing all one’s data in a single place without having to switch between apps can only be a good thing for the end-user.

“MyFitnessPal was one of the most requested integrations from our users —  we’re now able to offer both of our user bases a more holistic way to reach their health and wellness goals,” explains Jason Jacobs, CEO, RunKeeper. “We see this integration and partnership as a sign of where the industry as a whole is headed, towards true interoperability and data sharing so users have the best experience and achieve the greatest results.”

RunKeeper | MyFitnessPal