Audio hosting platform SoundCloud has announced a new integration with Songkick, making it easier for musicians to share their upcoming concerts with their listeners.

In case you’ve not heard of Songkick yet, it’s a service that helps fans track their favorite bands and monitor upcoming shows happening nearby. Today’s integration is quite simple, SoundCloud explains; just add your songkick artist URL here in your settings and SoundCloud will begin displaying your next three shows in your profile’s sidebar.

Still, simplicity aside, this change will be an added boost to Songkick’s growth curve and certainly reflects how wide-reaching the service has become among bands.

tumblr_mmy6ftloXc1qzijxbo1_1280Recently, SoundCloud has tightened its relationship with Google; the company just integrated Google+ sign-in into its iOS and Android apps, and earlier, Google introduced SoundCloud app activity into its search results.

Songkick, on the other hand, has kept busy with Detour, a service for crowdsourcing concerts which just opened its doors in London.

➤ SoundCloud