Today at the TNW conference in Amsterdam, Drippler announced that it has accrued more than 5 million downloads on the Android operating system, and that it has released an iOS version of its popular application recommendation and tips service.

There are a dizzying number of mobile applications in the market, with the largest platforms sporting six figures totals each. Keeping tabs on what is fresh, what is good, and how to maximize the value of neat new apps is something that can consume significant time. Drippler wants to help.

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An app to help you make sense of apps, Drippler may sound a touch meta. It’s anything but, instead providing a simple guide to your phone and the apps it can run. On Android, naturally, knowing what your specific device can run is a touch more important than it might be if you use an iPhone.

As TNW reported when Drippler’s download tally was a more modest 2.6 million, the service “automatically detects the Android phone’s model and provides users with tailor-made” suggestions concerning tips, updates, tricks, and content.

Drippler CEO speaking on stage at TNW Conference Europe
Drippler CEO speaking on stage at TNW Conference Europe

You might not be the largest fan of applications, or perhaps the appification of the Internet, but it is without a doubt that apps are now a content variety of their own. And every type of content needs a guide. Drippler wants to be that guide for both the key mobile platforms.

It only took Drippler one year to reach the 5 million download mark. Dollars to donuts it hits 10 million in another annum.

You can snag it here for iOS, and here for Android.

Top Image Credit: Sean MacEntee