Popular social media management service HootSuite has just launchedAssignments,” a new Chrome extension which allows teams to assign posts and tweets to fellow teammates without leaving Facebook or Twitter.

HootSuite claims that Assignments helps to “ensure no Twitter or Facebook message slips through the cracks,” by allowing users to assign posts to team members, with the ability to add notes for context. The extension is able to send assignees email notifications, as well as display assigned posts and tweets within the extension itself.

The technology driving the new extension doesn’t appear to be very complex (it works similarly to the Netflix Rate extension), but the implementation is seamless enough to blend right into each service, augmenting the built-in tools offered by Twitter and Facebook.


HootSuite touts that Assignments also lets you “monitor the progress of assigned tasks,” which could be particularly helpful for tracking customer service questions and companies (aka how Twitter is often used by customers).

Although the extension seems relatively self-explanatory, HootSuite has made the on-boarding process particularly easy, offering a SlideShare presentation and a promo video/tutorial. Try it for yourself via the link below if you’re a HootSuite Teams user.

➤ Assignments (by HootSuite)


Top image credit: Tom Brakefield / Thinkstock