Evernote has published version 2.0 of Skitch for Windows Desktop adding easier sharing features, a reworked user interface and improved speed and stability.

The new software is available now from Evernote’s website, and the Windows Store version is scheduled to arrive “in the next few days.”

Visual changes to the app include newly-placed undo and redo buttons and a streamlined interface to keep users’ focus on the image and tools. The company is also touting “snappier and more stable” performance with the release.


Evernote has added a quick sharing button that can send to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from within the app after logging in to one’s Evernote account.


Evernote purchased Skitch back in 2011, but it didn’t release a Windows version until last October. Version 2.0 arrived first on the Mac, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch last fall, shortly Evernote announced plans to integrate the app into its core note-taking service.

Skitch 2.0 hasn’t been particularly well-received by its users, many of which decried the Evernote tie-in and features that had been dropped in the update. As a result, Skitch’s Chief Designer Keith Lang sketched out a roadmap for the software late last year that promised to bring back features from version 1.0.