Hootsuite adds Statigram, YouTube, and Salesforce apps to its directory to boost brands’ social performance

Hootsuite adds Statigram, YouTube, and Salesforce apps to its directory to boost brands’ social ...

Hootsuite has endured where other social-focused dashboards have fallen by the wayside. It has done so by accreting to itself not simply new features, but also applications from other providers to become a platform in and of itself.

Today the company announced the addition of three new apps, each of which address a part of a company’s brand image in different content vertical: image, video, and CRM. The addition of YouTube, Statigram, and Salesforce CRM integration address those areas for Hootsuite.

All Killer, No Filler

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If you hadn’t guessed, Statigram works with Instagram data. The company has large plans for its third-party app network. As it is part of its competitive advantage that is sensible.

The social management space is cluttered with strong products. Sprout Social is a great way for brands and enterprise-level firms to intake and react to conversations involving their brand across the Internet. Simply Measured is a tool that can track, and sort it. Hootsuite, however, I would argue, is built more to disseminate information than collect it.

Regardless, the company, which has raised more than $20 million, continues to develop its product. In an age in which Twitter is cutting down on direct client applications, and instead pushing value-add servuices, Hootsuite et al appear well situated.

As a final note, the days of Twhirl are passed; social management isn’t niche industry. And because I can’t resist, TNW’s TwitterCounter is worth your time.

Top Image Credit: Marc Smith

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