Foursquare has launched new check-in pages for mobile Web users, which include all the specifics of your check-in, including the address, photos, badges, points, comments and likes. Now, when you’ve shared a check-in on Facebook or Twitter, your friends and followers will be presented with a significantly more attractive and complete experience.

The startup details that “your Foursquare friends can easily like or comment on your check-in right from the web view. Or, they can open up the Foursquare app to learn more about the place or see what other friends are up to.”

The change is subtle, but given how important a strong mobile presence is, perfecting the experience for existing and potential users can leave a massive impact of Foursquare’s bottom line. This move falls in line with Foursquare’s decision to open up its explore feature on the Web, turing it into more of a discovery service than a social network.

See the new look for yourself below:


Foursquare recently updated its privacy policy, and will now be revealing user’s full names across the service.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images