Rdio, the popular music streaming service, today announced that it has updated its Windows Phone application to support Windows Phone 8, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s software platform.

The newly updated application contains feature improvements as well, including bettered “online playback” and the ability to search through recommended tracks. The company also claims “Metro interface enhancements,” clearly breaking the OfficialMicrosoftSpeak rules of Metro that one, you don’t mention Metro, and two, you don’t mention Metro.

The rebels.

If you are a Windows Phone 8 user, you can snag the application from the marketplace here. Rdio, in its blog post announcing the update, noted that consumers had been specifically requesting the new version. This is a small peek into Windows Phone 8’s popularity. Microsoft has been mum on Windows Phone 8 sales specifics, reporting instead various percentage increases, but no hard data.

Microsoft has a competing service on Windows Phone, Xbox Music, which replaced the now defunct Zune, which itself superseded the comical Plays For Sure. If you are a music fan, you have options on the platform, even as Spotify remains a holdout on the Windows Phone 8 front.

Top Image Credit: Timothy Swinson