Flavor of the Month have released a new app for iPhone called Bloglovin’, which enables you to follow your favorite blogs from Tumblr, WordPress and Blogger, as well as enabling you to discover new content.

With the plethora of blogs available on various different platforms and their individual dedicated apps for smartphones and tablets, following your favourite blog and keeping tabs on it can be quite overwhelming and tiresome. Bloglovin’ aims to bridge that gap by creating an app which enables you follow any blog you want – be it on Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger – in one iOS app. So you never need to visit each individual site.

Using the app is easy – punch in your email and password and you are good to go. The UI boasts a sleek minimalist design which makes it joyous to use.

You can choose and select your favourite blog which are kept under different categories, be it Fashion, Sports, Food etc. Once chosen, new updated posts from them will be shown in a gorgeous looking news feed for you to read.

Each post gives you the option to like a post but adding comments is not present . Sharing options are also available with links to Twitter, Facebook and Mail all available, as is the ability to open the post in a browser.

Bloglovin’ provides an intuitive solution to your blog consuming needs and is available to download from iTunes.

Bloglovin’ for iPhone

Image Credit: Marco Raaphorst/Flickr