Banking company Simple has dropped a bit of a teaser today for Android users, showing off its app for the platform on Twitter and Facebook. The Facebook post notes that the company will be shipping the app early next year, and it has already garnered over 50 likes and comments from users of the service excited to get a native app on Android.

The app features many of the same features of the iOS version, with the addition of a ‘Spend from a Goal’ option.

The app looks fairly similar to the iOS version, but with a focus on top navigation, rather than bottom. It appears to follow the standard Android conventions with support for soft buttons. Overall a bit simpler and flatter, with less gradients and a pretty Android-friendly style. Looks good.

Simple added check depositing by photo to its iOS app in late November, presumably the Android version will ship with this as well.

Image Credit: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images