After doubling its university partner count to 33 and hosting over 200 courses for more than 1.3 million students, Coursera is launching a Career Services program to connect high performing students with postions “at companies of varying stage and size,” like “Facebook, Twitter, AppDirect and TrialPay.”

According to Coursera, this free, opt-in initiative has been pilot tested for months, and uses “sophisticated analytics to automatically find good student-company matches.” Coursera says it will only connect students and employers if it believes there’s “a reasonable chance of interest on both sides.”

Launching Career Services is certainly an interesting move for the free education startup, which also recently announced that it is working with third-parties to see if a portion of its courses can eventually qualify for college transfer credits. It seems as if Coursera is on track to becoming a full-fledged university, but hopefully will have better luck monetizing its services than free, on-ground universities like Cooper Union have had lately.

For now, Coursera’s Career Services program is limited to students studying computer science, but additional fields are on the way. If you fit the bill, you can opt-in to the program via the link below.

➤ Coursera’s Career Services (via Hacker News)

Image credit: Digital Vision / Thinkstock