Airbnb has rolled out a couple of not-insignificant updates to its iOS app today, which should give its global appeal a shot in the arm.

First up, the Airbnb app is now available in more than 27 languages, and now includes Swedish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Chinese and Japanese, which should go some distance towards making it a far more compelling offering for hosts and guests alike in Scandinavia and Asia.

Moreover, while the ability to pre-approve guests has always existed in the Web-based incarnation, this has now been rolled out to the iOS app too. Pre-approval is when hosts let guests know immediately that their house or spare room is available to book at the listed rate, before they actually make the booking.

When a host pre-approve guests, they can book instantly for a 24-hour period, but if it expires they can still send a reservation request normal.

One other small update has now been included in the iOS app too – if you have a stock question-based email message that you like to use, this is now accessible directly from within the app, as it is in the Web-based version.

Version 2.3.0 of the Airbnb iOS app is available to download for free now.

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Image Credit: ouishare/Flickr