Always improving its mobile software to bridge the divide between the desktop and mobile, Opera Software has pushed live Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android, bringing with it a new fraud detection system and improved Web standards support.

Operating as a more powerful and feature-rich version of Opera’s data-saving Mini browser, Opera Mobile 12.1 is developed to run on four different chipsets, ARM v5 and v7, MIPS and X86. If you hit Google Play, the Store will automatically serve the relevant variant for you.

Packing Opera’s Turbo compression technology, the new browser also launches with a brand new fraud detection feature. Now, if you visit a website that has previously been flagged as suspicious, Opera Mobile will throw up a warning, letting you know that you need to have your wits about you.

Boosting support for Web standards, Opera Mobile now utilises the SPDY protocol – an advanced way of communicating with web servers. Both Twitter and Google are rapidly building their services around the technology, making the process of fetching webpages much more efficient.

Operas has also built its new Android browser to take advantage of WebSockets – again improving communications between mobile devices and web servers.

Add in advanced CSS features (including support for animations and Flexbox) and more HTML5 goodness (drag and drop and Clipboard APIs), designers have more scope for their websites and you’ll get to experience more of the Web.

➤ Opera Mobile 12.1

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