Ok, now this is a very cool implementation of Shazam’s audio recognition technology. The company has announced that it is partnering with MLB Advanced Media to deliver box scores,  stats, highlights and more when people use the app during a Postseason game this fall.

So you whip out Shazam and tap the button during any game of the Wild Card, Division Series, League Championships on through the 108th World Series, and you get:

  • One-click access to MLB.com and At Bat app
  • Video highlights
  • Up-to-the-moment box scores and statistics
  • Postseason scores and series updates
  • Social sharing capabilities
  • Breaking news and expert analysis

Sure, some of it is an ad for the MLB, but this is far more useful than those silly ‘use Shazam during an ad to get more ads’ deals they’ve been doing.

Our partnership with Shazam provides fans with a new platform to access live baseball content on their mobile phones and tablets,” says Kenny Gersh, SVP, Business Development, MLBAM. “Users will be able to find detailed content through its integration with our best-in-class At Bat app.”

I love Shazam’s song identifying service and it’s never far away from my home screen. And I love baseball. So this is a win-win for me.

Shazam recently announced that it would be able to tag any TV show on any channel and that it had tagged some 5 billion songs and TV shows.