Visua Musio is a new iPad app, surfaced by Creative Applications Network, which lets you make “visual music animations” by adding shapes to an empty canvas. That canvas becomes your song.

Following along quite nicely with a few of the other experimental music apps TNW has covered in the past (like Orphion and iORGEL), this openFrameworks-built app wasn’t made to help you create the kind of songs Apple’s Garageband lets you create. Visua Musio is more focused on atmospheric sounds, but that limitation is likely for the best, especially give the app’s focus on kids.

From the creators:

Since the early 20th century experimental filmmakers and animators have been intrigued by the relationships between sight and sound, visual imagery and musical composition, and have explored these in new and exciting forms of expression. These expressions are called “Visual Music” and have had a lasting influence on modern computer animation and motion graphics.

VISUAMUSIO pays tribute to their experimental investigations. Ranging from simple dances of geometric shapes and synthetic sounds to more complex algorithmic visual symphonies, the depth of possibilities are open to you. Experience the world of visual music.

Screen Shot 2012 09 16 at 8.45.00 PM 520x279 Visua Musio: A lovely iPad app that lets kids make experimental songs with shapes

After you’ve built your composition (check out one here), you can play it back and share it online. Take a peek at the $2.99 app via the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

➤ Visua Musio

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