No matter which ecosystem you’ve bought into, be it iBooks, Kindle, Nook or otherwise, there’s no denying that Amazon’s Kindle apps are part of what make the system great. The latest update for its iOS app brings in some much-desired changes, including rapid highlighting and better navigation.

Version 3.2 of Kindle for iOS also brings in adjustable margins, allowing you to choose from three different layouts depending on what works best for you. There’s better brightness control too, which Amazon describes as being “more responsive and [including] optimized font hues for better viewing.”

Now let’s talk about those Rapid Highlights. They’re a quick highlighting function that allows you to mark important passages. But more than that you can now also highlight photos, illustrations, tables and more within print-replica textbooks. It brings in a much-needed feature for those who are just getting back to school and want to take better notes for themselves.

At any rate it’s a great update to an already-successful app. Amazon’s touting its over 1 million books within the Kindle Store, and it’s hard to argue with that selection, even if you can’t buy them within the app itself. Oh well, such are the trade-offs of technology.

Kindle for iOS

Image: jfingas via Flickr