One of our favorite little apps for Mac, Skip Tunes, has gotten an update which adds new keyboard shortcuts and support for Retina displays. Up until now, the app has allowed you to easily skip between tracks within iTunes, Rdio and Spotify, but it’s evolving quite nicely with this update.

I’m not a fan of apps running in my OS X menu bar, but Skip Tunes is such a handy tool, and tucks itself away so nicely, I don’t really mind it.

As you listen to music, you can simply execute a keyboard shortcut without focusing on your music app of choice, which is a huge time-saver when you’re in the middle of working.

Today’s update includes:

– New keyboard shortcuts
– Audio scrubbing
– Retina displays optimization
– Controls in menu bar hidden when when your media player isn’t open
– Shuffle support for Spotify & Rdio
– Click artwork to open your music player
– Other bug fixes and goodies

I really dig being able to jump into Spotify by clicking on a song or album’s artwork from Skip Tunes, rather than having to go into Spotify directly at any given time.

The app is $1.99 and is worth every penny in my opinion.

Skip Tunes for Mac