Spotify enabled mobile radio on iOS a month ago, with the same functionality landing on Android last week.

Spotify Radio lets users create radio stations based on any artist, album or playlist. If you like a song, you can save it to your Spotify playlists, with an unlimited number of stations and songs. You can also store the songs you like by giving it a ‘thumbs up’, saving it to a ‘Liked from Radio’ playlist.

However, this neat (and necessary) feature was sorely missing from the desktop incarnation of the app. Until today, that is.

This update will be rolling out throughout today, and it means that all the stations that you’ve tuned into on your mobile will also show up seamlessly on your desktop as if by magic. And this works conversely, too.

The thumbs up/down feature helps you personalize your stations over time, if you don’t like a track you can tell it so. With this feature now on both desktop and mobile devices, songs you give the thumbs up treatment to will show up across all your devices.