Pinterest, the massive social “pinboard” for pictures of things like cute animals, fashion and decor, has just added new categories and appears to be rolling out a redesigned version of its repinning feature, reports Kairay Media.

The new categories are QuotesTattoos, and Weddings, and were likely added in an effort to further curate the content posted to the site. Given how specific these categories are, we’ll probably see more appear as long as the site continues to grow in popularity. Still, after this point with 33 total categories, subsections may need to arise to avoid making a mess of things.

See the new additions below:

The new repinning experience features a flashier animation that flips around on click.

In addition to these roll-outs, Pinterest has also renamed a few of its existing categories: “Pets” is now “Animals” and “Prints & Posters” is now “Illustrations & Posters.” All in all, these are simple changes that come closer to housekeeping than wild new features.

Screenshots by: Kairay Media, featured image by: Erich Ferdinand