What’s the 411 on that beer you’re drinking? Ask BeerText for the details

What’s the 411 on that beer you’re drinking? Ask BeerText for the details

Ever sat in the bar, wondering what the alcohol content is in the beer you are supping upon? Or perhaps you’ve wanted tasting notes on a beer you see in the liquor store refrigerator cabinet but aren’t sure about? Meet BeerText, your new best friend.

Here’s how it works: text the name of the beer you have in mind to 3156794711, and wait. Shortly, information about the brew will be deposited onto your phone. From there, make your decision, or prove your friend wrong, in between sips. This is what it looks like:

New York, are you ready?

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What’s neat about BeerText, aside from the obvious, is that it was built during the Syracuse Student Sandbox Twilio Hackathon. It’s always great to see students building neat apps at university-powered events. As TNW noted in April:

[I]f you are looking to make an impact, look at your local schools. No, you won’t get the biggest marketing return, but it will make a difference, and a real one. We need to keep our eyes on the next generation of developers.

Events such as this are inexpensive, but effectual. And now we all get to learn more about beer. Everyone wins.

Top Image Credit: Michelle Tribe

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