Following the introduction of liking and following on blogs, the company has just introduced four new social and linking widgets for bloggers. The new widgets tap’s latest social features to display the blogs users follow, the posts they like, details about their community and more.

We’ve written previously that has received quite a bit of success with its own “like” button, and so today’s release comes as no surprise. The company is clearly pushing social. Here’s what’s new for users:

Blogs I Follow:

Posts I Like:

My Community:

Gravatar Profile:

Top Posts & Pages (an update):

WordPress as a whole is clearly doing very well, as it is currently being used on over 54M sites from all over the world. As far as how many of these sites are a part of versus being self-hosted, the number is generally known to be split even 50/50.

These widgets are just a small step towards the company’s larger vision of socializing its network and strengthening its hold as a platform for creators, consumers and sharers.

Check out the full blog post here.