Appsfire, the site that helps you discover new apps to try out on your iOS device, has announced the 2012 winners of its “App Star Awards”, and it’s a pretty awesome class of apps.

Our own top dog, Zee, was in on the judging, and it looks like the company got some great submissions. The winners get a nice advertising package, as well as some new Apple hardware to test out their apps.

Here are the winners:

First place: Mooklet ( Get the app now!

Second place: Babble Planet (

Third place: Zap Guitar (

If you haven’t checked out Appsfire already, you should definitely go do that, as the company just introduced a “pagerank” score for apps. I’ve always found Apple’s own App Store to be ridiculously difficult to navigate and have turned to alternatives like Appsfire to find new stuff to download.