Ever since the iPad 3 new iPad was announced, developers have been furiously packing new Retina Display friendly graphics into their apps to make sure that once the new devices landed into people’s hands, their new and prettier apps were ready for download.

Needless to say, just about every iPad app in existence have been re-launching with “Support for Retina Display” listed in its “What’s New” copy. Finally though, we have an app with Retina support that was well worth the wait. The official iTunes Movie Trailers app was launched last October and has been providing us with amazing HD content ever since.

Today, the app has gotten the Retina Display update with version 1.1:

Clearly this is the type of content that Apple invented the Retina Display for, and any updates to make movie trailers look prettier is just fine with me. No other new features come with the update, but the prettier graphics will definitely keep us busy for a while.

iTunes Movie Trailers for iOS