Onavo, the Israeli startup dedicated to reducing users’ mobile data bills, has updated its Android app with new widgets that will be an essential addition for anyone on a restrictive plan with their carrier.

As we’ve previously reported, Onavo’s Android app is designed to give users as much information as possible about their data usage, with not only counters for the total data used and individual apps, but also graphs showing usage over time and crowdsourced data from all users. You can restrict apps to WiFi and even uninstall them right from the app if they’re real data hogs.

Now the new widgets make it even easier to keep an eye on what you’re using.  The App Watch widget can be set to show the data used by any app you choose, while the Live Data Usage widget shares stats like “Gmail has used 0.5MB in the last 30 minutes.” The final widget is a simple meter that shows at a glance how much of your data allowance is remaining.

The Android app still doesn’t yet do what the iPhone version does, re-routing and compressing your data, but Onavo says that this is in the works. Regardless of this, it’s a must-have app for any Android user who wants to keep tabs on their data usage.

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