We’re fans of SocialBro at The Next Web. This Adobe Air and Chrome app lets you filter your Twitter followers, and those you follow, by a number of criteria and apply batch actions like ‘Follow’, ‘Unfollow’ and ‘Add to list’. Now the Spain-based team behind it has added integration with PeerIndex to bring social influence into the equation.

Yes, now you can filter Twitter users by their PeerIndex score. Want to make a list of your most influential followers, unfollow anyone of low influence, or (if the mood takes you) follow everyone who follows you with a Peer Index score of 50? All these are possible via the same easy interface as the rest of SocialBro.

Pulling in the PeerIndex scores for each user can be time-consuming the first time you do it, especially if you follow a lot of users. I follow just short of 2000 people (hey, there are plenty of interesting tweeters!) and it took the app around 27 minutes to complete the first sync. After that first time, it should be much quicker.

Of course, this is only useful if you believe that social influence measurement services like PeerIndex and Klout are worth paying attention to, but that’s a debate for another day.

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