If you’ve taken a lot of photos using Instagram and are looking for a new way to share them, the Boston Music Hack Day app “Carousel” might be right up your alley, developed by hack day participant Johannes Wagener.

If you’re familiar with the show “Mad Men”, there’s an episode where Don Draper creates a marketing campaign for Kodak, in which he tells a story while going through slides on what he calls a “Carousel”. If you’ve never seen it, it’s worth watching the video clip before trying out the app.

With Carousel, you can pull in your Instagram photos and let Don Draper give his best sales pitch using your favorites.

The photos appear on the screen, as if you were a part of the infamous “Mad Men” meeting.

Alternatively, you can record your own soundtrack for the presentation. This is a fun mash-up, giving you a new way to display your photos to friends and family.

Be sure to check out my “Carousel” presentation, and share your own in the comments.