The internet is becoming more and more of a place to mobilize charitable efforts. In the recent years, I’ve seen many campaigns raise quite a bit of awareness and money for causes.

One organization who has been at the forefront of the Social Good movement is charity:water. With events all over the world, and campaigns on Twitter, the foundation has raised awareness and money for the over one billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

Its latest movement “WaterForward“, takes the awareness and fundraising to the next level.

Today, I saw a post on my Facebook wall from a friend who donated $10 in my name to charity:water. This donation added me to an online “book” that WaterForward is compiling.

It is really quite genius. Organizations have let you donate money in the names of others for years, but to be able to pull it all together with your social graph on Facebook and Twitter is quite powerful.

Here is a video explaining the WaterForward efforts:

Donating to a charitable cause like charity:water is a good thing to do, but involving your friends in a positive and inspiring way makes the campaign even better. The WaterForward movement wants to leverage the almost one billion people on Facebook who may have access to drinking water into giving money to the billion who don’t.

As of the time of publishing, WaterForward has 12,808 people in its book, and has raised $128,080 for clean water. Get involved today!