You can now flatter your favorite Bambuser livestream with a Flattr payment

You can now flatter your favorite Bambuser livestream with a Flattr payment

Flattr, the ‘online tipjar’ that lets you give optional small payments for content you enjoy online, has tied up with live video streaming startup Bambuser to allow you to show your appreciation for a great stream with cash.

Flattr lets you set a monthly sum of money you’d like to give to content you enjoy online. Its button can be installed on any website, acting the same way as a Facebook ‘like’ button. However, when you click it, the page you’re on is added to a list of Flattred sites for that month. At the end of the month, your Flattr money for that month is divvied up equally amongst everyone you ‘Flattred’.

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The deal with Bambuser sees users of the live video streaming service able to activate Flattr buttons on their video pages via a setting on their dashboard.

Flattr’s payment platform which co-founder Peter Sunde describes as “A ‘Like’ button that actually means something,” is already compatible with SoundCloud content, has been used by Wikileaks, and has even been brought into the physical world via QR codes, allowing objects, people and events to be Flattred. In fact, the Media Evolution conference in the startup’s native Malmö, Sweden, was billed as “The world’s first Flattr-able conference,” with attendees encouraged to Flattr speakers they enjoyed.

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