If you use Gmail, you know that one of the best features of the service is search. We would expect that since it’s a Google product. Even Google can’t come up with every great feature for Gmail on its own though, so Attachments.me decided to release a Chrome extension to enhance your Gmail search experience.

To view attachements in Gmail currently, you have to search for them, drill down to the email, preview the attachement or actually open them. That can be a pain. But with the new extension from Attachments.me, you are shown a thumbnail in the actual search result of the attachement.

A slideshow of attachment thumbnails are shown at the top of your Gmail search.

Attachments.me for Gmail™ Chrome Web Store Attachments.me for Chrome shows thumbnails of attachments in Gmail search

Attachments.me is fully focused on making finding file attachements easier. It’s a pretty niche focus, but a smart one, as file attachements are something that we deal with everyday during our work and home hours.

The company has also published a new video that tells you everything you need to know about Attachments.me: