Pixable’s PhotoFeed enhanced the way users could browse through Facebook photos, and today it got even better with the integration of Aviary’s Feathery API.

We’ve covered Photofeed in the past, but with the addition of Aviary’s fun editing features such as filters and stickers, users now have a whole new way to tweak both their own photos and their Facebook friends’ photos. By clicking on the “Edit” button at the bottom of Photofeed, the new set of editing features are at users’ disposal.

Any sticker that you add to a photo can be resized and rotated to fit the photo you’re working on, and its interface is very user-friendly and responsive. Once you’ve saved the photo, it can be added to your own Facebook profile and even to your computer.

Photofeed was a pretty cool Facebook app already (and Pixable’s Photofeed iPhone app is another recent addition that has a similar coolness factor). Now that Aviary’s API has been integrated into Photofeed, Pixable has just added more fun to the photo editing process.