StoryMaker is an iOS app that lets you create avatars of your own and weave a story with those characters.

Before unleashing the inner writer/director, you will have to create a character first. The gender of the character can be male or female and the app has all kinds of accessories for both the genders (cross dressers rejoice!).

From the menu bar at the top, start building the characters from the face. Follow it up with accessories and dresses and I will have to admit that there is a great collection to choose from. Swipe across the screen to sift through the menu bar and the items. The menu bar could have been a bit wider as it is extremely difficult to touch the menus without selecting the items displayed right below them.

photo 12 Create Fun Picture Stories with StoryMaker for iOS

Creating a Character

Next up is story creation. The process is the same as creating a flip book. You draw a picture with some details, create another picture with few more details and so on. The steps involved in creating a story is similar to that of character creation.

photo2 Create Fun Picture Stories with StoryMaker for iOS

A Story

Use the menu bar to create backgrounds, set pieces and to add the characters involved. Items available for backgrounds are downright amazing. Once the artwork is all done, add some text to enhance the effect. In the picture above, you can see that my character is freaking out after seeing a UFO. What good is a story that isn’t appreciated? You can share the stories you have created via email, Facebook, Twitter or save it to the camera roll.

The app is a free download and the basic pack (which we used in the review) that comes with it is fun to play with. If you like the functionality and the novelty of the app, you can buy the 3 little pigs and Cinderella packs as in app purchases for $0.99 each. Kids and adults with the heart of kids, would have a ball with StoryMaker for sure.