We live in the age of data collection and content creation. We create 1.5 billion pieces of content on Facebook, 140 million Tweets and 2 million YouTubes in just one day. And we love infographics (dataporn) that combine ideas, stories and insights into our behaviors.

Today, we think in a completely new way, or as one startup likes to say, we think “Visual.ly”.  Visual.ly is a new platform for exploring, sharing and promoting great visualizations. It’s also a service that connects datavis pros with advertisers and publishers looking for compelling content.

“Because in the future we imagine an immersive world of interactive visualization everywhere,” says Visual.ly.

Watch this video explaining the concept:

Visual.ly is using the LaunchRock beta access product to incentivize sign-ups. It’s one part exclusivity and one part widespread sharing, and it works. Sign up for beta access here.