I’m quite a few years away from settling down, but that’s not to say the thought hasn’t crossed my mind that I don’t want my future child to be stuck with a crappy Twitter handle like @EmMyers99892. Domain names don’t bother me so much, but for some an available domain name may make or break a name decision. Rewordio.us is an easy to use web app designed for couples to register available domain names in the future children’s name.

Simply type in your last name, choose a gender and voilà! A list of baby names linked to available web domains pops up. You can then register the domains using GoDaddy. The option to register with Moniker is coming soon. This screen capture is one way to check if my boyfriend reads my posts…

Screen shot 2011 03 18 at 2.01.09 PM 520x494 Pick a baby name based on available URLs with Rewordio.us

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