Lanyrd, the startup aiming to make meeting people at conferences and other events easier, is today launching a browser extension that should make Twitter a more useful networking tool.

Taking to form of a Chrome and Firefox extension, it overlays Lanyrd users’ profile and event schedule information directly onto their Twitter profile page. It also we also links through to any videos, slides, audio clips and books by that user, enabling you to get a better idea of who that person is.

Given how important Twitter already is at many conferences in the technology and media sectors, the idea of being able to see what opportunities you might have to meet others (provided that they’re a Lanyrd user) will be a valuable addition. This will be especially true at the hectic, sprawling SXSWi. The company has also launched a SXSWi guide website to help you navigate the madness.

Lanyrd says that since its launch a little over a month ago, over 35,000 people now have profiles on the service. Its Twitter extension has just gone live to download here.