How well do your “friends” know you? 15 year old UK developer Jamie Maddocks wondered that very question. In answer, Maddocks created FiveFactsAboutMe. It’s a simple site that allows you to log in, create 5 “facts” and then choose whether they are true or false. Once you’re done, you’re provided with a link that you can send out to the world.

Users don’t have to log in to answer your 5 facts, but if they are, you’ll be able to see who answered in your dashboard. If they haven’t, of course, you’re shown a simple Anonymous answer.

FiveFactsAboutMe reminds me a lot of what we saw with It caters to that part inside of all of us that feeds our ego, it’s supremely simple to use and it’s made by someone that we wish we could have been when we were younger.

Here’s hoping that Maddocks’ story with his project becomes as much of a success as and Mark Bao.