It’s been a while since Google Shopper became available on the Android platform. For months, we Android fans have been able to use it to find products by image, voice or even scanning. But now, iPhone users get to have some fun as well.

According to the Google Mobile blog, Google Shopper is now available in the App Store and you can have all of the same features that Android fans enjoy:

  • Learn more about products and read relevant user reviews
  • Compare prices at online and local stores
  • Save and share products for later consideration

With barcode scanning and search by voice, it’s extremely simple to find the product that you want at the best price. In fact, the blog post says that Google even keeps inventory information for some retailers. Not sure if you want to buy something? Star it and save it for later.

It’s a free app, so grab a download and let us know what you think. For us? We’ve loved it for months and you’re likely to as well.