With so many apps out there, sometimes a helping hand in picking ou the best can really help. As mentioned in our recent roundup of 6 Alternatives to the Android Market, Appsfire is a service that provides recommendations for apps you might like, based on the apps you already have installed and via curated lists from experts and VIP users.

Last summer, the Paris-based startup launched social recommendations based on your Facebook friends for its iPhone app. Today it’s rolling out the same feature on Android.

Once you’ve connected your Facebook account up to Appsfire, you’re able to see what apps your fellow Appsfire-using friends are using, with a handy link to install any that you like the look of directly from the app. You can even see what apps that friends using iOS have installed although obviously there’s no ‘install’ option in that case. If only, eh?

The new Appsfire update should be available to download right now in the Android Market or via this link.